Can I get APK of Echoes of Mana?

If so, where is it?


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There are no APKs for it since it's not out yet, but you'll be able to download it from the playstore and app store when it's out globally.

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Is there CBT of Echoes of Mana?

Is there closed-beta of Echoes of Mana? If so, how can I join it?

Is EoM F2P friendly?

I won't be able to buy anything. Can F2P players enjoy Echoes of Mana?

Is Echoes of Mana a new gacha game?

Is it just a JRPG or a mobile gacha game?

When is Ecohes of Mana released?

I want to know when it becomes available.


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I really wish the game wouldn't be ending so soon......!
This tier list is very inaccurate.
Doesn't matter. But better one is Charlotte.
Seamoon is the fastest way to NOT let your AI companions die. Easy to level up too. Deserves a hi...
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