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List of Memory Gems in Echoes of Mana. Tier, stats, skills, spirit magic, gacha, harvest.
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update 05/04/2022

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GameA Echoes of Mana Memory Gem Tier List


Sword from Above Aim for Wind Acorns Machine Golem Shuffle! Little Spirit Faye


Rulers of the World The Tale Begins Howl Under the Moon


The Chosen One Seamless Synergy The Tower on High Tree Chat Buju Breakout Seekers of Mana White Dragon Child A Branch Bestowed A Curious Creeping Vine Best Quest for Your Buck Pity Peddlers Its the Lil Things A Reawwy Big Jump I wont hear it! Masterful Merchant Big Bad Werewolves Hi-yo Mech Rider! Away! Freak Show and Tell Shadow on Soaring Wings Armored Inferno Assault Run for It! Briarborough Faerie Boss


All I Have Left A Bitter Farewell Set Off for Adventure Xangar, the Living Flame Who Bears the Sword Victory High Five A Heated Situation The Wind in Our Sails Vuscavs Great Escape Cibba Pelican Seamoon Village Elder Von Boyage



Rating Explanations

Sword from Above Machine Golem Shuffle! Little Spirit Faye Aim for Wind Acorns

4★ base Memory Gems already have the advantage of having higher stats compared to 3★ or lower, but the ones in AA tier give a pretty good easy or unconditional buff to increase damage.

  • Sword from Above is great for mages that rely on their skill as their primary damage, but it's also good for most characters in general.
  • Machine Golem Shuffle! are for characters that have high ST damage or can build up their ST pretty quickly, especially if you have a 4★ that is +1 unleashed.
  • Little Spirit Faye increases the already high MSM's burst damage even further. This shines more depending on how quickly you can build up MSM by using more +1 4★ unleashed Allies, matching element of paired allies, etc.
  • Aim for Wind Acorns is more conditional compared to the others, but it's a great Memory Gem to have to boost Wind element.

Rulers of the World The Tale Begins

  • Rulers of the World gives a decent way to regen some MP, making it good for a prolonged battle. Its effect is similar to a Memory Gem that you can get for free, Briarborough Faerie Boss, but Rulers of the World gives more stats due to higher base rarity.
  • The Tale Begins is the only Memory Gem that increases healing given. It's good if you have a designated healer, even better if you can take advantage of the normal attack damage increase like for Overcoming Myriad Farewells Sumo.

The Chosen One Seamless Synergy The Tower on High

  • The Chosen One is useful in general so you can reach ST faster, but isn't that relevant if you use 4★ base Allies that are +1 or higher unleashed.
  • Seamless Synergy only gives a chance to heal after defeating an enemy. It can potentially help clear a quest without needing a healer, but this only works for the Ally using this.
  • The Tower on High effect has low value, but the Memory Gem gives decent stats.


Memory gems seem to be vision cards in war of the visions (wotv) final fantasy.

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I really wish the game wouldn't be ending so soon......!
This tier list is very inaccurate.
Doesn't matter. But better one is Charlotte.
Seamoon is the fastest way to NOT let your AI companions die. Easy to level up too. Deserves a hi...
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