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Gear in Echoes of Manah. How to get, how to farm gear, armor set, accessory set, stats, effect.
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How It Works

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Each Ally can equip 6 different types of gears, which are also separated into two 3 piece sets. The 3 on the left are for Helm, Armor, and Gloves, while the other 3 are Pendant, Ring, and Boots.

These equipments give stat boosts to power up your characters in the form of Main Stats and Bonus Stats as well as a set effect. Each piece of gear can be levelled up to increase their values or gain additional Bonus Stats to further strengthen your Ally.

How to Obtain

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Gears are obtainable as a drop reward from some quests like the story ones, but there is also a dedicated gear dungeon that drops a specific set, and doing these quests uses SP instead of AP.

The highest difficulty is Lvl 4, with the recommended PWR of 6,000x3. It's recommended to use SP to unlock more of your Allies' Mana Boards before going for these gear farms since there are a lot of randomness involved.

Upgrading Gears

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When you get a piece of gear, it will have a Main Stat and some Bonus Stats.

The three pieces of gear on the left (helm, armor, and gloves) will always have the same main stats and fixed values. Helm always has HP, CON for armor, and SPR for gloves. However, the main stats of the three pieces of gear on the right (pendant, ring, and boots) can give different main stats.

Bonus Stats have more options as to what they can give. The amount of Bonus Stats that you get at level 1 is also random, but a piece of gear can only have 4 Bonus Stats.

Each gear is tied to a certain "series" or "set". The example image above shows the Valsena series, and equipping 3 of the same series will give a set effect of STR+18%.

Their max level is also determined by the rarity of the gear. There is a gap of 4 levels between the rarities, starting with a max level of 4 for a 1 star gear.

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Gears can be levelled up with Altena Alloys. At every 4 levels, the gear will either get an additional Bonus Stat or enhance one of the existing ones.

A base rarity of 4 has a max level of 16, which means it can give 4 upgrades to the piece of gear. If you start with 2 Bonus Stats, levelling it to +16 will give it 2 more Bonus Stats and randomly enhances 2 other Bonus Stats.

What gets upgraded is shown with a star, as shown in the example image above. Since it started with 3 Bonus Stats, increasing it to max enhanced 3 random Bonus Stats.

Selling Gears

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The materials to upgrade the gears (Altena Alloys) can be obtained as drop rewards from quests, but you can also get them by selling gears.

You can do this by going to the Blackmsith, either through the Menu or the Home screen, then select "Sell Gear".

Armor Set

Accessories set in Echoes of Mana


  • Set effect: HP+20%
  • Obtainable from Chapter 3 Story Quests


  • Set effect: STR+18%
  • Obtainable from Gear Dungeon


  • Set effect: CON+20%
  • Obtainable from Gear Dungeon

Accessory Set

Accessories set in Echoes of Mana


  • Set effect: HP+20%
  • Obtainable from Story Quest Chapter 2 & 4


  • Set effect: MP+20
  • Obtainable from Story Quest Chapter 5


  • Set effect: INT+18%
  • Obtainable from Gear Dungeon


  • Set effect: SPR+20%
  • Obtainable from Gear Dungeon


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