3 Star Memory Gems

3 Star Memory Gems in Echoes of Mana.
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update 07/05/2022

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3 Star Memory Gems Lists

Seekers of Mana Seekers of Mana

Skill: When targeted, DMG taken: -30%.

Xangar, the Living Flame Xangar, the Living Flame

Skill: On fire attack, Normal attack DMG: +30%.

Tree Chat Tree Chat

Skill: On magic attack, DMG +10%.

Buju Breakout Buju Breakout

Skill: [SELF] While field-inactive, ST Gauge: +10% (Every 5s).

Victory High Five Victory High Five

Skill: When HP 90% or higher, Skill DMG: +45% [vs MAGICALI].

Set Off for Adventure Set Off for Adventure

Skill: Recovery amount: +50%. (Holder receives more healing).

Who Bears the Sword Who Bears the Sword

Skill: [SELF] While field-inactive, recover HP (3% of max HP / Every 5s).

Armored Inferno Assault Armored Inferno Assault

Skill: When HP 40% or lower, DMG taken: -30%.

Shadow on Soaring Wings Shadow on Soaring Wings

Skill: On Stage start, ST Gauge: +40%.

Briarborough Faerie Boss Briarborough Faerie Boss

Skill: [SELF] While field-inactive, recover MP: +15 (Every 10s).

A Bitter Farewell A Bitter Farewell

Skill: [FIELD-ACTIVE-ALLIES] On faint, ST Gauge: +50%.

A Branch Bestowed A Branch Bestowed

Skill: DMG taken: -20%.

A Curious Creeping Vine A Curious Creeping Vine

Skill: When combo 30+, DMG +10%.

A Heated Situation A Heated Situation

Skill: [SELF] While field-inactive, recover HP (3% of max HP / Every 5s).

A Reawwy Big Jump A Reawwy Big Jump

Skill: [SELF] Mega Spirit Magic DMG: +30% [LIGHT ALLY].

All I Have Left All I Have Left

Skill: On wind attack, ST DMG: +20%.

Best Quest for Your Buck Best Quest for Your Buck

Skill: EXP: +5%.

Big Bad Werewolves Big Bad Werewolves

Skill: On blunt attack, DMG: +10%.

Freak Show and Tell Freak Show and Tell

Skill: Initial ST Gauge: +50%.

Hi-yo Mech Rider! Away! Hi-yo Mech Rider! Away!

Skill: On piercing attack, DMG: +10%.

I won't hear it! I won't hear it!

Skill: On slash attack, DMG: +10%.

It's the Li'l Things It's the Li'l Things

Skill: On DMG taken, ST Gauge: +10%. (Procs with a single hit of damage taken, no cooldown, OP).

Masterful Merchant Masterful Merchant

Skill: Lucre: +5%. (Good for farming).

Pity Peddlers Pity Peddlers

Skill: On foe defeat, recover MP: +10.

Run for It! Run for It!

Skill: On dark attack, skill DMG: +20%.

The Wind in Our Sails The Wind in Our Sails

Skill: On earth attack, ST Gauge boost rate: +20%.

Vuscav's Great Escape Vuscav's Great Escape

Skill: On water attack, absorb DMG (4% of DMG/MAX RCV: 20HP).

White Dragon Child White Dragon Child

Skill: On foe defeat, recover HP (8% of max HP).


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I really wish the game wouldn't be ending so soon......!
This tier list is very inaccurate.
Doesn't matter. But better one is Charlotte.
Seamoon is the fastest way to NOT let your AI companions die. Easy to level up too. Deserves a hi...
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