List of weapons possibly appearing in Echoes of Mana.

  • Wand
  • Staff
  • Sorcerer Rod
  • Twisted Rod
  • Pewter Staff
  • Ruby Cane
  • Crystal Staff
  • Soul Staff
  • Scepter
  • Shrewd Staff
  • Ash Wand
  • Rigid Cane
  • Thoth Wand
  • Rebel Wand
  • Mythril Staff
  • Skull Staff
  • Mim Rod
  • Druid Staff
  • Ghost Rod
  • Nebula Staff
  • Yggdrasil Rod
  • Antique Rod
  • Oak Cane
  • Eternal Wand
  • Cernunnos Rod
  • Caduceus Rod
  • Gambanteinn
  • Elemental Rod
  • Rune Staff
  • Dragon Staff
  • Queen Scepter
  • Chaos Chaser


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I really wish the game wouldn't be ending so soon......!
This tier list is very inaccurate.
Doesn't matter. But better one is Charlotte.
Seamoon is the fastest way to NOT let your AI companions die. Easy to level up too. Deserves a hi...
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